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Educational Tracks

In the middle of the 1990s, as its first students met the challenge of becoming absorbed into the industry, the school identified the need for intensifying the professional skills of those, who wished to work as directors. As a result, the period of curriculum study was extended from three and a half years to four and a half, a time-frame enabling students to gain further experience. The test of student acceptance into the Israeli industry led to the realization that there were a relatively limited number of screenwriters who weren’t directors, as well as a very small number of entrepreneurial producers in film and television.

In 1999, the school began a two-year program for screenwriters, with the aim of creating a model for cooperation between screenwriters and directors, and with a specialization in writing for television. The Screenwriting Programm is supported by the Sam Spiegel Foundation and the Beracha Foundation.

In 2004, the school inaugurated a three-and-a-half year program for entrepreneurial producers. The first of its kind in Israel, the program was created to prepare producers to initiate and lead projects in different media, work in cooperation with screenwriters and directors, and navigate the project through the stage of maketing and distribution in Israel and overseas. The Entrepreneurial Producers program is supported by the Beracha Foundation and the Sam Spiegel Foundation.

Each of the three programs operates autonomously. The synergy of the programs, which leads to fruitful cooperation both during the studies and after graduation, gives the school a unique advantage worldwide.
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