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דף של כניסה לסגל


Dana Blankstein Cohen has taken over as the new director of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School


Dana Blankstein Cohen is the director of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School, one of the leading film schools in the world. She took over for founding director Renen Schorr and assumed her responsibilities after the November 14th graduation event.


Her appointment was unanimously accepted by the  board of directors who accepted the recommendation of the search committee.




Dana Blankstein Cohen, born 1981, has served for the last four years as the director of the Israeli Academy of Film and Television where she gained high praise. She graduated with high honors from the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School and went on to establish and run the film and television fund in Kfar Saba north of Tel Aviv. Blankstein Cohen has film production experience in the Israeli industry including production, direction, cinematography and editing. As the director of the Israeli Academy of Film and Television, Blankstein Cohen initiated innovative activities, doubled the institution's finances and was able to bring Israeli films and filmmakers to the Israeli periphery and it hunger for Israeli cinema.


Asaf Vitman, Chair of the JSFS Board welcomed her appointment and said: "Dana Blankstein Cohen presented the board with a significant vision replete with creative force in all that pertains to the future of the School. She is deeply connected to the rhythm and the humanist manifesto of the School, her alma mater, and brings with her a passion and energy to lead the JSFS forward, with a total commitment to the position, the staff and to the current and future students. We wish to thank again Renen Schorr for his 30 years of creative leadership, which was groundbreaking and energetic, and which led the School to the highest peaks of world excellence."


Dana Blankstein Cohen: "I am delighted and thrilled to take on the position of leading the JSFS, an institution that is dear to my heart and which I am proud to be among its alumni. After a challenging and meaningful term at the Israeli Academy of Film and Television, I see this new position as a real calling with great potential for positive impact on the development of students and alumni, both on the personal and professional level, and leading the next generation of film and television creators in Israel. I am determined to continue to lead the School towards excellence, growth and significant artistic endeavors that will touch the wider audience in Israel and the world."


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