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דף של כניסה לסגל


Michael Barker, president of Sony Classics, will arrive in Israel for the first time in July for the Sam Spiegel International Film Fund



Second Force-of-Nature Filmmaking Award to Michael Barker


The Sam Spiegel International Film Lab (Son of Saul, The Kindergarten Teacher) will grant the Force-of-Nature Filmmaking Award, for the second time, to a cultural master-builder who changed the infrastructure of world cinema. This year's recipient is Michael Barker the Co-President and Co-Founder of Sony Pictures Classics. Introduced last year, this annual award's first honoree was the longtime Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick.


The presentation of this award will open the 2019 JSFL on July 4- 8, 2019 in Jerusalem. This will be Barker's first visit to Israel.


Renen Schorr, founding director JSFL: Over the last 35 years, passionately as a distributor and producer, Michael Barker (along with Tom Bernard and Marcie Bloom) has opened the doors to the finest works of world cinema - from Kurosawa to Fassbinder, from Almodovar to Zhang Yimou and so many more. Beginning at United Artists Classics, then Orion Classics and now Sony Pictures Classics (formed in January 1992), he relentlessly paved the way for American and world distribution through numerous nominations and Oscars. Both in art-house and in mainstream (and everything in-between), he chiefly created a cinematic and challenging dialogue between world continents and human beings".


Israeli directors and producers, whom Barker promoted to Oscar nominations, will host him in Israel, including Ari Folman, Joseph Cedar, Eran Koliran, and Dror Moreh.


In 2016, the JSFS launched an annual partnership with the Marcie Bloom Fellowship. The New York-Jerusalem Bloom/Spiegel Seminar takes place during the Tribeca Film Festival in April. Four Sam Spiegel graduates and four Marcie Bloom fellows from greater NY meet with directors, media influencers, producers, screenwriters and inspiring mentors, connecting East Coast and Israeli filmmakers, creating new dialogues in entrepreneurship and contemporary storytelling in all media. The seminar is supported by our partners the Israel Film Fund, Tadmor Productions and the Consulate General of Israel, NY.


Expanding in 2019, the JSFL will introduce an infusion of American investments in top Israeli and world projects both in pitched projects and works-in-progress (Wip).

In light of the success of the 2018 high-quality Wip projects, the 2019 JSFL will open the WiP platform to all of its previous participants, graduates of both the JSFL and Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School. Last year's big winner, Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive (Israel) will be released in 2019.


The Lab is the brainchild of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School. Key supporters: the Beracha Foundation, the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, the Sam Spiegel Foundation, the Jerusalem Foundation ARP Selection France, DCR Finance Corp and New Mandate Films.


Variety (06.02.19)



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