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דף של כניסה לסגל


Renen Schorr is stepping down as the Founding Director of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School


Renen Schorr has asked Mr. Asaf Vitman, Chair of the School board, to terminate his position after close to 31 years of work. In the coming months he will continue with his allotted tasks, until the beginning of the new school year in 2019/20, including the magic of the Jerusalem International Film Lab in July.


This year the School is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a series of unprecedented tributes and homages in Israel and around the world: December 2018 at the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival; February 2019 the Berlin International Film Festival; May at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival and DocAviv; June at Darom Film Festival and at TLV Fest; October at the Haifa International Film Festival; November at Films in the Desert.


In July the YES Israeli Satellite Channel will begin a two year broadcast program of hundreds of the School's films and classics.


Renen Schorr clarified that he is not interested in leading another film institution in Israel or the world. "I have done my best as an Israeli film activist and educator. The finest years of my life were well- spent at the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School", he said.

He will not be granting interviews until the end of his term.


Chairman of the board Mr. Asaf Vitman commented:

"The board wishes to thank Renen Schorr, the revolutionary elder statesman of modern Israeli cinema, for his 30 years of bold, creative and tenacious leadership for the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School and Israeli cinema, steering them to the pinnacle of international film and television scene.


Renen leaves behind a school that is independent, fiscally balanced with plans to relocate to a new and modern campus in the center of Jerusalem which is coming to fruition right before our celebrating eyes; an organizational DNA that is unique; and which holds an impressive library of Israeli and world shorts classics.


Ahead of the new school year, and along with the devoted teachers and School staff, the board will recruit a new director to lead onward towards a new journey." 


Jerusalem Post


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